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GFF + vF = Evoluton League (

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GFF + vF = Evoluton League ( Empty GFF + vF = Evoluton League (

Post  ServO Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:57 pm


As some of you know, GFF merged a clan with name Valiant Fraggers. After some days of declaration and thinking. Leaders of both sites came up with: Evolution League as clan name.

Therefor we encourage members of GFF and registered users to visit @ and start being active there.

To GFF Members: I'm afraid to say that the members of GFF have to reapply for their membership, BUT they will be accepted as soon as possible, just leave us a note telling they belonged to GFF Smile WHY? The reason is to register each of Evolution League's members in a list (keep the system more tidy).


ServO, Leader of Evolution League.


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